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Ahhh, Spring in Blacksburg!

April 6, 2011

And we all know what that means…..horribly unpredictable weather. I spent yesterday in shorts enjoying nearly 80 degree sunshine, and I moseyed class today bundled up to fight the 35 degree mist. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some sunshine again, and we’ll be able to see everyone back out on the Drillfield playing soccer/frisbee/football/rugby/softball while, with some luck, I’ll get back out onto the golf course again.

A nice sunset over Blacksburg last week after a great round of golf

Anyways, a lot has gone on since my last post, and I feel like it’s becoming way too common for me to be apologizing for not writing sooner. Oh well, I’m just enjoying the ride that is college while trying to get all of my class work done as well as do the work for the other activities in which I’m involved, and most of the time, I’d rather spend most of my time doing that extra work. One of my favorite organizations I’ve been involved with is the Leaders Cultivating Virginia Association (like us on Facebook!), and tonight we had the opportunity to present a really exciting speaker here in Blacksburg.

Matt Lohr is the current Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture and a 1995 Virginia Tech graduate in Ag Education and Ag Econ, and we were lucky enough to have him speak on campus tonight. He talked about his background growing up on a diverse farm in Rockingham County, his time in FFA and how that shaped him as a person, what he gained from his experience at Virginia Tech, as an ag education teacher, and farmer, and his experience serving in the Virginia House of Delegates and as Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture.

One of the main points of Mr. Lohr’s talk tonight was that to be successful, in agriculture or in any industry, we have to be dreamers, that is we have to set high goals for ourselves and continue to work everyday towards those goals. Along the way, we may not be dealt the best of hands in life, but with hard work and dedication to the things we love, we can make a difference.

VA Commissioner of Ag Matt Lohr

Mr. Lohr is an excellent example of someone in agriculture taking that extra initiative to reach out and bridge the gap between ag and those who are not familiar with our industry. When he began serving in the House of Delegates in 2006, he was the ONLY FARMER in the entire 140-member General Assembly. Throughout his career, he has used his experience in agriculture to be a voice for the industry to communicate with non-aggies while working toward solutions for the ag industry’s most pressing problems. As Commissioner, he has worked with Virginia farmers to set the best course for Chesapeake Bay clean-up and with international governments to market Virginia farm products.

That’s all for now. I still have a lot of work to do on the Ag Econ Club BBQ fundraiser, a paper to write for a poli sci class, a take home Environmental Law quiz,  and more planning for my (hopefully-still-happening) trip to Japan this summer. Maybe tomorrow will be back to that Virginia spring weather we know and love.

Take Care,


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